The PIP Framework

The 3 Steps That Will Help You Grow & Scale Your Business And Set You Free


Before taking your 1st steps, you need to know what you want for your business, what you want for yourself, and thirdly you need to know where you and your business currently are.

The 4 P’s:

  • Product(s): The creation/implementation of your product(s) should be done without depending on you;
  • Processes: You should have processes in place that whoever can do the tasks without depending on you;
  • People: having the right people in the business is crucial, certainly the person that is going to lead the team;
  • Performance: Growth and measurement go hand in hand. You should be able to follow up from a distance and only intervene if it is necessary.



Once you have structured your business in such a way that it does not need you any longer, and where you just can be on the Board of Directors, it is time to proceed to the next step, which can be one of the following:

  • Exit your company selling it for a multiple
  • Scale your business through acquistions