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Hi and welcome. If it is your first time, I am honoured with your visit. You have been here before? I am really flattered and humbled with your interest.

You want to know more about me? Really??? Ok, here we go…

Erwin The Hacker

I know that probably you might think that I am doing something obscure, but it is actually the opposite.

I do call myself a hacker because I am always looking for shortcuts and improvements in my life and in the lives of other people and businesses.

As a Startup & Investment Hacker I do help startups and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals quicker and better than when they would do it on their own.

My slogan is: ‘Hack or be hacked, the choice is yours!’.

Erwin The Coach

Around 2005 I made my first steps in the coaching world, and since then I haven’t looked back, and I have fully integrated in personal and professional life.

XXX-Coaching is my my coaching brand, where I do very exclusive coaching.

Erwin The Entrepreneur

Since my teens I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and since many years I am. As each entrepreneur, I have had my successes as well as failures, which are the learning stones for the successes.

Further down you can see which are the current projects I am currently connected with.

Picture of Erwin The Family Guy

I hear you already saying: where is that famous family picture…

My personal life is a very important part in my life, but I do want it keep as private as possible, and that is why there i no family picture.

But, as you can see on the picture, I am a very happy daddy. Married to my beautiful wife Mónica and father of Alejandro and Alberto.

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    Over my years as a consultant, I have implemented detailed MIS that allowed managers and directors to make the right decisions.

      I have done many workshops training people in 1) how to embrace improvements within their departments and 2) how to live a successful life through my own workshops.

        Over 10 years experience in coaching and guiding people in making their business a success as well has a healthy life-work balance. Founder of XXX-Coaching - xxx-coaching.com In 2006 I obtained the certification of 'Certified Professional Coach'. I am also a Certified Practitioner of NLP and I have done Anthony Robbins' Master University.

          I have generated many financial gains for my clients by implementing purchasing strategies and processes on national and international level.

            Over 20 years of experience in project management, managing projects from all sizes, from small companies to international mergers.


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